Love or Hate Kino MacGregor For Her Entrepreneurial Yoga Spirit?

I just read Kino MacGregor’s post Confessions of a Loved and Hated Ashtangi.  I actually read it twice.  I think it’s incredibly rare to find someone who is truly entrepreneurial in spirit, driven, passionate about what they do, and eager to dive into opportunity, again and again and again, when it presents itself.  Though I have never met Kino or taken a class or received any sort of personal instruction from her, I have learned a lot about improving my own practice from Kino’s videos.  The way I see it, her post had me at the feminism tribute–sure Beauvoir would have had something juicy to say.

For those who aren’t sure what they think about the “commercialization” of yoga, what to make about Kino’s business savvy (or other “big name” yogis, for that matter) that has cleverly leveraged social media to grow a successful “brand,” or for yet another look at how the yogi community isn’t always peace, love and flowers, the post is worth a read.

Yoga has become a business.  That’s just the way it is.  I don’t see that going away anytime soon.

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One thought on “Love or Hate Kino MacGregor For Her Entrepreneurial Yoga Spirit?

  1. kirstan

    Yep, exactly. She’s always open, honest, intent on explaining the ashtanga she loves. She’s pretty (is that a crime) and looks fabulous – which we’d expect after daily ashtanga, right? I love that she works hard at what she does and it’s lovely how she’s a strong woman giving us a piece of herself so we can find ourselves. Ridiculous to not like her b/c she has a business. Thanks!

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