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Hello, My name is Julie. I’m addicted to wanderlust.  I eat, sleep, and breathe wanderlust.

I’m a lawyer turned yogi and homeschooling mom to four fabulous kids.

I travel.  

A lot.  

Though Somehow Never Enough.  

Always with my four kids in tow.

I breathe wanderlust.

I eat wanderlust for breakfast.

I live the travel lifestyle.

Yes, a life of travel is pretty sweet. For many people, it’s the dream life. But it’s life.  And life is real. That means the travel lifestyle is not always pretty or perfect. It’s sometimes complicated and messy. It’s not always fun. It can be exhausting, lonely, and even boring at times. Sometimes there are tears, especially when I’m really, really, really overtired.  Homesickness happens from time-to-time. And it hurts when it does, especially when you’re missing someone you love and you’re far, far, far away.  The travel lifestyle can also be exhilarating, unbelievable, and breathtaking. Everyday brings the possibility of a new adventure, new experience, or the making of new friendships and dreams.

If you’re looking to add travel to your life, more of it, or want to embrace the 24/7/365 Travel Lifestyle, you’ve come to a happy place.

Welcome to my blog.  I hope you stay around for a while and come back often. And who knows? Perhaps our paths will cross somewhere around the world.



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