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Nordic Ski Afternoon


The kids and I were psyched that the nordic trails were open today. We arrived at our favorite loop and discovered pristine tracks.  That’s always pretty sweet. Getting klister all over my jacket was not quite as sweet, but rounded…

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Does Running Ever Get Easier?

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The more you run, the easier it is. At least that’s what my ultra running husband told me when I started running again, um, walking and jogging late last year, after years of not running. Getting back into running was…

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Chad Denning Memorial Fund and Lost-a-Lot Trail Race

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Following the loss of 39-year old, endurance athlete and “superman” legend, Chad Denning, who died recently while running/hiking on the Appalachian Trail, a Memorial Fund has been established to support his wife, Becky, and their two young children. The YouCaring Memorial goal…

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Fat Biking is Phat


Some say it’s a fad, but if you ask around in the biking community, you might just learn that fat biking is indeed pretty hot and tempting. Fat Biking has actually been around the block for roughly ten years, but…