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Guns and Trail Running

Features, News, Running

The first time I stumbled upon an online discussion of ultra runners talking about carrying guns (and weapons of choice) during training runs, I was totally shocked. That’s not because I don’t understand why a runner might choose to carry…

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That Kind of Day

Features, Lifestyle, Running

So far it has been one of those kinds of days.  This pic made me laugh and reminded me that those kind of days are simply days where beauty is just a bit obscured.   Ever have those days, too?

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Nordic Ski Afternoon


The kids and I were psyched that the nordic trails were open today. We arrived at our favorite loop and discovered pristine tracks.  That’s always pretty sweet. Getting klister all over my jacket was not quite as sweet, but rounded…

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Does Running Ever Get Easier?

Adventure, News, Running

The more you run, the easier it is. At least that’s what my ultra running husband told me when I started running again, um, walking and jogging late last year, after years of not running. Getting back into running was…