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Best Gifts for Ultrarunners and Trail or Road Runners under $25

November 30, 2014

Tis the gift giving season.  If you’re looking to buy an affordable gift for the runner in your life–or aspiring runner–here are 5 Picks under $25 that would make great gifts.


1. Yoga Mat. ($20)  Runners can benefit from integrating yoga into their weekly training regimens. Yoga can help prevent and alleviate running related injuries and pains, plus runners can benefit from yoga breathing techniques and meditation.  A yoga mat is the perfect gift for helping your favorite runner get his or her zen and flexibility on.

2. Yoga Strap.  ($10) Did someone say delicious post-run stretches?  A yoga strap is a great gift to facilitate post-run stretching and recovery.

3.  iTunes Gift Card. (varies)  Whether on the trail, path or treadmill, many runners love running to music. An iTunes gift card makes a great gift or stocking stuffer.

4. Reflective head band. ($10)  A bright, visible, reflective headband makes another great gift for a runner.  Sweaty Bands makes a comfortable head band that will help keep the runner in your life safe and noticed while logging miles in low light conditions.

5.  High Density Foam Roller.  ($15-20+)  At first blush, a foam roller might not seem like a gift that would be well appreciated, but it won’t take long for a novice or seasoned runner to conclude that it might just be the best gift received under the Christmas tree.  Foam rollers are good for recovery, help with sore muscles and can help ward off injury.

Have a great gift under $20 to share?  Leave a note in the comment section.

DIY: Sew a Lululemon Headband Knock-Off

October 8, 2013

I love to sew–in spurts. I might not sew for months, and then the mood hits. That’s what happened yesterday. I woke up feeling that I had to sew. Specifically, I wanted to sew a new scarf and a lululemon headband knock-off. I already own a few lululemon headbands, but rather than ordering a new one to freshen up my collection or waiting until the next time I happened to stroll by a lululemon store, I figured I’d just dust off my sewing machine and whip up a knock-off. Though I love lululemon headbands, this DIY headband authentically made by yours truly totally takes the cake.

Snag a sweet deal on stretchy fabric and whip up one of these Lululemon knock offs. Headband pictured cost less than $1 to make and only took minutes to make.

Snag a sweet deal on stretchy fabric and whip up one of these Lululemon knock offs. Headband pictured cost less than $1 to make and only took minutes to make.

I found fabric at a local fabric store in the clearance section. It’s a stretchy swimsuit-spandex fabric with a fun design. I already had 3/4″ elastic kicking around at home. I estimate the total cost of this DIY headband knock-off to be less than $1. The real thing with those snazzy silver logo buttons on the sides sell for $18. Total savings: $17. Estimated project time: Less than 30 minutes. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!


Update: 5/23/2016:

A couple of years later… here is a tutorial:


This is an easy headband to make to bring along on your travels. Perfect for casual wear, yoga, running, to keep your bangs out of your eyes.  When you make your own you can custom fit the size and fabric selection.

I love to buy a Lululemon headband when I find a store during my travels.  My kids love them, too.  However, they aren’t always excited about the color options or sizing, so that’s where making your own comes into play!

Happy Sewing! Happy Adventures!

Why I Love My Be Present Yoga Pants

July 29, 2013

Last week, I spent an afternoon bouncing around stores trying on different yoga pants. It was time for a couple of additions to my workout selection. My travels took me to Lululemon, Dicks Sporting Goods, Under Armour, a Reebok outlet store and a few athletic apparel boutiques. By far my best find was a pair of Be Present Agility Pants. Psst… the company isn’t paying me to write this post. I’m just happy to have a pair of these cutsy, comfortable, MADE IN USA pants to slip on! Love the fabric and the slit in the back. My pair doesn’t have a cool lotus design on the back, but they are still worth raving about!


I think these will be great for pre or post-workout wear, for a restorative or gentle yoga class or for wearing around town to run errands between classes. Want a pair but don’t want to spend $63+? Check out eBay for a deal–you might score what you’re hoping to find. Better yet and oh, so environmentally conscious of you, ask your girlfriends if they have a pair they’d be interested in swapping!