If You’re Motivated, You Can Find Ways to Travel

You want to travel.  So, so, so want to travel.  Wanderlust occupies your brain. But a travel lifestyle sounds totally impossible, right?

After all, you have bills to pay and a bunch of grown-up responsibilities–maybe a mortgage or lease, private school tuition, daycare expenses, student loans, a job…as in I have to get up and go to work in a building, at a desk job.

It didn’t take embarking on a 48-State Road Trip SOLO with my four children last year to convince me that anyone can find the time to travel the world and make it financially feasible.

Anyone can travel–even live a long-term, nomadic lifestyle–if they are committed to the idea of doing so and making it happen.  Even with kids in the picture.

Since my college days, when Kraft Mac & Cheese was dinner most nights of the week, I have made travel a top priority.  In those days and still in my late teens, I figured out a way to set money aside to travel.  In law school, I continued to travel.  Years later and with four kids in the picture, I continue to prioritize travel.

For me, prioritizing travel is about leading the life I want, and living a life that reflects my authentic self.

I value experiences over things. I value relationships over stuff.

I’d rather have a plane ticket and a plan to stay at cheap hostels, than have a closet full of fabulous dresses or a drawer filled with jewelry.  Actually, I’m not too keen on laundry piles, so I’d rather have a few pairs of jeans and a few t-shirts that I adore and do laundry more frequently, than a wardrobe stocked with clothes to last months.  I’d rather cook at home, order cheap take-out, or chew my way through a baguette and cheese from a neighborhood market, than go to an upscale restaurant.  I’d rather drive the same car for longer than replace it every two years. I’d rather sit around a bonfire or go for a hike with friends, than go to the theater or have the latest tech gadget.

Travel can be as luxurious or frugal as you can afford to make it.

For the price of staying a week at a high-end, all-inclusive resort, it’s possible to rent an apartment in Paris for months–and much, much longer in other parts of the world.  For the price of staying at a mainstream, average hotel for a week, it’s often possible to spend the same amount and rent an apartment for weeks instead.

I’ve traveled enough to know.

If you’re motivated enough, you can find ways to save and finance your travel lifestyle dreams.  You can probably even dream up a workable plan to quit your day job.  With enough planning, you can set a job or career trajectory that allows you to travel often, slow-travel, or live a nomadic lifestyle–or find a job that supports your dream lifestyle.

It’s all about figuring out your priorities.

If you want travel to happen, it can.

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