High On Love: Elevated Love is Devotion

Love and Devotion Quote

In relationships, it’s sometimes easy to toss around the words, I love you. Sure, it’s not always easy for people to say those three words. And for some, it’s not easy to say those three words without conditional qualifiers attached to them.

Saying I love you is one thing. It’s sort of the easy part in the big picture. Taking those words up to the next level is elevated love. Devotion.

Healthy devotion vs. unhealthy obsession is taking love up to the next level to encompass loyalty, dedication, and healthy attachment to the loved person.

You deserve it all.

You don’t have to settle in relationships. Even in a world of disposable relationships or temporary relationship interest, love and devotion still exist. You deserve the love you seek and desire. You deserve to know elevated love.

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