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High On Love: Elevated Love is Devotion

July 8, 2019
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In relationships, it’s sometimes easy to toss around the words, I love you. Sure, it’s not always easy for people to say those three words. And for some, it’s not easy to say those three words without conditional qualifiers attached to them.

Saying I love you is one thing. It’s sort of the easy part in the big picture. Taking those words up to the next level is elevated love. Devotion.

Healthy devotion vs. unhealthy obsession is taking love up to the next level to encompass loyalty, dedication, and healthy attachment to the loved person.

You deserve it all.

You don’t have to settle in relationships. Even in a world of disposable relationships or temporary relationship interest, love and devotion still exist. You deserve the love you seek and desire. You deserve to know elevated love.

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Seriously, It’s Really Okay if People Don’t Like You

July 6, 2019
Not everyone is going to you. Accepting this truth will make you feel lighter and happier. Really.

Not everyone is going to like you or be your friend. And that’s perfectly okay. Actually, it’s more than okay.

How comfortable you are with the idea of people not liking you says a lot about you.

If it’s really important to you that everyone likes you, and/or you make it a priority to maintain an appearance to the world around you that everyone likes you, then you are probably: living your life to please people, consciously or unconsciously trying to mask your insecurities, not living your truth, and/or avoiding to let your authentic self shine through because you are afraid of what people will think.

Letting go of a pattern or habit of needing people to like you isn’t an overnight, quick fix. But by bringing awareness to your relationships and patterns, you can come to focus on accepting yourself more, being your own best friend, and focusing less on what other people think about you.

Be You Journal Let Your Hair Down

When You’re Bruised

July 5, 2019

It’s hard to trust,
When you’re hurt,
Let down
Bruised, or
That a moment will arrive,
In due time,
When you see,
When you realize,
That you don’t have to hold up the sky,
That you can let go,
Trust, even more,
When it all seems impossible.
You will see,
You will feel,
You will know,
That the sky will hold itself up,
As it was designed to do,
Without coercion,
Without persuasion,
Without convincing,
It will.
Trust, that you will too.