international mindset + business coach.

Hi, I’m Julie.

A business lawyer turned entrepreneur, mindset + business coach, a best selling author, blogger, digital marketing expert, adventure seeker, yoga teacher, and outside of the box thinker, dreamer + doer.

If I can dream and do, so can you.

What will you do with this one beautiful life of yours? 

      • Get UNstuck.
      • Discover or re-discover your passions.
      • Find your purpose + turn it into profits.
      • Find your voice + confidence.
      • Develop critical leadership skills.
      • Become the CEO of your life + think BIG.
  • Create conscious, meaningful relationships.
  • Change your mindset.
  • Small business growth + online marketing.
  • Social media branding + content creation.
  • Authentic, organic social media growth.
  • Grow your professional network.

Get Unstuck NOW +
Start Living Your Truth, On Your Own Terms.

Build Your Dream Life

If you woke up tomorrow and found yourself living your dream life, what would it look like? How would it feel?

Are You Ready to Unlock Your Potential?

Get unstuck. Discover or Rediscover your passion. Get clarity on your dreams. Find confidence to create your dream life on your own terms.

Work with Julie. Get unstuck. Discover how to live your truth + create your dream life.

Set yourself free.

Live your truth. Live life on your own terms. Create a meaningful life. Find balance. Ditch the stress.