17 best gifts for trail runner

17 Best Gifts for Trail Runners [2022]

Buying gifts for trail runners (or your favorite ultrarunner) doesn’t have to be complicated or stress you out. This gift guide offers some awesome ideas that will make shopping and gift giving a breeze.

So, let’s get right to it.

Here are the 17 Best Gifts for Trail Runners this year.

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17 Best Gifts for Trail RunnerS

1. Black Diamond Carbon Z Poles

Oh, how I love Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Poles. And so do my trail running teens and trail runners around the world.

2. Running Your First Ultra

If your favorite trail runner appreciates books and is thinking about upping their trail running game, grab a copy of Krissy Moehl’s Running Your First Ultra: Customizable Training Plans for Your First 50K to 100 Mile Race. It’s a great resources for all levels of trail runners, too.

3. Foam Roller

Surprisingly, a foam roller is one of those running gadgets that not everyone owns, but many wish they did. A foam roller can help aid recovery after runs or trail races, by massaging muscles and helping to improve circulation.

4. Injinji Trail Socks

Holy moly, toe socks! If you’re not a fan, Injinji toe socks for trail runners might change your mind. Injinjis come in so many cool designs and colors for men, women, and unisex. They also come in an Injinji Run Lightweight version.

5. Outdoor Research Helium Rain Jacket

The ultralight OR Helium Rain Jacket is awesome. It is perfect for trail running and its taped seams should make it an easy pass any mandatory gear race checks. My husband has used his jacket in ultramarathons, including the UTMB, TDS, and other ultras. It’s also a top pick by Sky Runner, SkyrunningGirl (you can see her quick video here). It’s ultralight, breathable, and packs tiny.

6. Trail Running Gaiters

Trail running gaiters are a great gift, especially a pair of custom running gaiters that fit your favorite runner’s personality. Gaiter Pods makes beautiful recycled gaiters.

7. Yoga Mat

What? A yoga mat? Yes! Yoga is awesome for runners, especially trail runners who require balance, agility, and strength on uneven trail terrain. The Manduka Pro Yoga mat is a personal favorite. The yoga mat comes in a variety of colors.

8. How to Sh&t in the Woods

When you spend a lot of times on the trail, you’ve got to know what to do when nature calls. This read is sure to entertain.

9. Trucker Hats

Trucker hats and trail running go perfectly together. Especially in the USA trail running scene. And who can really ever have enough cool looking, sunblocking trail snapbacks? Grab a fun WUE trucker hat, which features embroidered in the USA designs. Or ever popular Headsweats or Billabong adjustable trucker hats. For reflective runner hat options, check out Nathan’s unisex runner’s hat.

10. NipEaze

Seriously. Gift some nip love. These adhesive protectors (think round boo-boo bandaids) will put a smile on a runner’s face (most often men, since sports bras usually already protect women) when you gift ’em. Nip protection can help prevent chafing agony during an ultra. Another option is NipGuards, which are nip protectors appreciated by endurance athletes.

11. Salomon Adv Skin Running Hydration Vest

Salomon’s Advance Skin Trail Running Hydration Vests are amazing. Perfect for ultras. Perfect for everyday training. Roomy enough for everything you could possibly need during a run or race. Available in several difference colors, which change from time-to-time. A great gift!

12. FlipBelt Running Belt

If you’re looking for an alternative to a hydration vest or lightweight running belt to stash your keys, phone, and running gels, the classic FlipBelt is a great option for trail and off-trail runners. FlipBelts are available in a variety of fun colors, like bright orange and neon lime green.

13. Hydrapak Softflask

Carrying water or hydration fuel has never been easier! Hydrapak softflasks are great because they are lightweight and collapsible. They are compatible with hyrdration vests with pockets or gear storage, but you can also conveniently shove them into a backpack or gym bag–or diaper bag. We’re talking versatility here! A great gift for any runner.

14. Wet Clothes Bag

A wet workout clothes bag is an awesome gift for runners! The perfect pouch to store stinky, wet workout shorts, running tights, t-shirts, or running socks.

15. The Trail Runner’s Companion

For any new trail runner or anyone thinking about jumping into the sport of trail running, this step-by-step handbook will help build confidence and trail running knowledge.

16. Body Glide Original

I’m not sure anything says trail and ultra runner more than Body Glide. This original anti-chafe lube is a popular pick among trail runners to prevent chafing. Makes a great gift or holiday stocking stuffer.

17. Adventure Medical Ultralight First Aid Kit

For many years, Adventure Medical Kits has been my go-to for ultralight and watertight first aid kits for outside play. The brand sells different kits depending on your activity. It’s always a good idea to carry a kit or some first aid gear, especially when you’re out on the trails. In fact, many serious races require various first aid items as part of mandatory gear checks. So, if you want a practical, but hope-you-never-need-to-use-this sort of gift, grab and gift a medical kit.


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