2013 Year of the Chia Seeds

Move over Kale, Chia is filling health-crazed shopping carts this year.  It’s being called the health food of 2013.  Chia seeds are said to be an excellent source of Omegas threes.  They are considered so versatile and easy to use that some speculate they will overtake Flax, as they don’t even need grinding–you can just pop them as is into smoothies, juices, water (to make your own energy drink) and food dishes, like muffins or d-i-y larabars.

For endurance athletes and yogis, some say Chia seeds are power fuel.  The superfood was even mentioned in the best-selling book Born to Run.

Over the weekend, I noticed that Costco sells a huge bag of Chia seeds for cheap.  You can also find Chia seeds in bulk at many natural food stores.



1 thought on “2013 Year of the Chia Seeds”

  1. As a Chia lover, I agree that this year is the year of Chia seeds. I read a lot of blogs, news and even have watched lots of video from YouTube about how good this Chia seeds are. I really love the fact that it can be used in any of your favorite foods. They are tasteless and make a great snack.

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