Why I Love My Be Present Yoga Pants

Last week, I spent an afternoon bouncing around stores trying on different yoga pants. It was time for a couple of additions to my workout selection. My travels took me to Lululemon, Dicks Sporting Goods, Under Armour, a Reebok outlet store and a few athletic apparel boutiques. By far my best find was a pair of Be Present Agility Pants. Psst… the company isn’t paying me to write this post. I’m just happy to have a pair of these cutsy, comfortable, MADE IN USA pants to slip on! Love the fabric and the slit in the back. My pair doesn’t have a cool lotus design on the back, but they are still worth raving about!


I think these will be great for pre or post-workout wear, for a restorative or gentle yoga class or for wearing around town to run errands between classes. Want a pair but don’t want to spend $63+? Check out eBay for a deal–you might score what you’re hoping to find. Better yet and oh, so environmentally conscious of you, ask your girlfriends if they have a pair they’d be interested in swapping!

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