Desperately Seeking Travel? Remote Year Seeks Digital Nomads

Dreaming about working and living across the globe in a location that will make your Instagram Followers cry with envy when they see your ‘remote’ office?  Well, there’s a new dream gig in town for those seeking a travel lifestyle that blends work, travel, and adventure.

Hello Remote Year.  Launched in 2014 by former Groupon Exec, Greg Caplan, Remote Year “brings together a community of 75 digital nomads from across the globe to spend a year working, traveling, and exploring 12 cities around the world.”

Remote Year sounds like a modern spin on work or volunteer abroad programs, in which you pay a fee in exchange for a lifetime experience.  Instead of providing a job, though, successful Remote Year applicants, bring their digital work and get (according to its website) “all travel between destinations, all accommodations for the year, workspace with internet, accessible 24/7, activities and community events,” in exchange for a cost of $27,000 spread out over a year ($5,000 downpayment, $2,000 month for the first 11 months).

Though the program is not currently set up for families or pets, it sounds like Remote Year could be a great option for an individual or single person who has flexible, telework, or virtual work in place, and is looking to add travel, culture, and adventure to his/her life without having to do the leg work to arrange travel, find apartments/accommodation, research cities or activities abroad. Remote Year does the work setting everything up, leaving the individual to bring digital (remote) work and a suitcase.

According to its website, Remote Year is currently accepting applications for August 2016.

Don’t be discouraged if you dream about travel, but can’t afford the $27,000 price tag or otherwise participate in Remote Year.

It’s entirely doable to set up your own transportation, stay, and find a workplace abroad–at the very least cafes and coffee shops with WiFi.  Lots of people do it everyday, including families.  Many are able to do it for much less–even significantly less. So, if you can’t afford Remote Year or for whatever reason can’t participate in the program, don’t be discouraged.  If you want a travel lifestyle, you can find ways to make it happen.

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