Google’s New Trips Mobile App Pulls Your Trip Information For Easy Travel Planning

The word is out that Google hopes to soon launch a new mobile travel app that will help travelers organize, keep track of past and upcoming trips, and plan travel.  Trips, the Google app, could be a major resource for travelers and wanderlust seekers.  The Trips app sounds like it promises to be a technological version of a personal travel assistant, pulling trip details from your Gmail account and even making restaurant recommendations for you.

Currently Trips is only available to Google’s Local Guides program members.

If, and when, Trips is made available to the general public, the app might be a traveler’s chance to brag that s/he has a personal travel planner–sans human baggage.

I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that Google’s next app release will be a personal laundry assistant–to help me with post-trip laundry.

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