Will The New Social Media Platform Excurvant Give Wanderlust a Travel Makeover?

The word on the street superhighway is that a new social media platform (and mobile app) for wanderlust, travel obsessed people is coming out in this Summer.  According to an announcement on Harvard’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences site, this new social media platform is called Excurvant.  Created by Harvard student Dominick DeLucia, Excurvant is set to launch as the upcoming travel season moves into full swing.

Apparently, the new platform will facilitate a deeper way to share and connect the full experience of travel, and fill in the “full experience” that can be missed on existing social media sites. It’s all about experiential sharing.

According to Harvard’s media release, “The platform functions as a comprehensive, crowd-sourced global travel guide. Users will be able to see shared content from individuals they follow, like family members or celebrities. They can also view the most popular, curated content relating to their personal “dream list,” a collection of destinations one hopes to visit or activities one is interested in trying.”

If you’re fueled by wanderlust, or have a travel bucket list, it sounds there will soon be a new social media boss in town.  Sounds like it’s going to be worth checking out.

After all, when you’re addicted to wanderlust, you can’t miss an opportunity to breathe it in a bit more.



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