Paying for Yoga by Bitcoin

Here’s something to meditate on.  There’s a lot of talk lately in the media, from CNN to Fortune, about Bitcoins.  The bitcoin, an online, decentralized, anonymous, crypto (“digital”) currency, is quickly becoming the hottest–holy, om, not real–currency to hold close to your heart wallet’s center. bitcoin

Move over Cash, Visa & Mastercard:  I’m Sculpting My Yoga Butt with Bitcoins

Because the Bitcoin lacks a serial number or way of tracking it back to a buyer or seller, Bitcoins are gaining traction in transactions that might be less than yogic–or far away from legal.  However, across the Internet and even in some brick and mortar stores via mobile phone, customers are using Bitcoins as a form of payment.  The list of vendors, retailers and establishments accepting Bitcoins is quickly growing, from Etsy retailers to hotels to bars.

The way the media is hyping the Bitcoin right now, which by the way has been around since 2009, leads me to believe that it’s only a matter of time before yoga studios, yoga businesses and yoga retailers start accepting Bitcoins for payment.  Whether a passing fad or a currency that is here to stay, I’m looking forward to fueling my yoga love by Bitcoins.

After all, it’s not everyday that yoga, hot yoga pants and technology have perfect alignment.  😉



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