Fat Biking is Phat

Some say it’s a fad, but if you ask around in the biking community, you might just learn that fat biking is indeed pretty hot and tempting. Fat Biking has actually been around the block for roughly ten years, but the interest in big fat, low-pressure tires on bikes made for winter riding is exploding around the country. From the Methow Valley in Northern Washington to the Kingdom Trails network in Northeastern Vermont, Winter Biking is the “next” big adventure in the outdoor scene.

2013 Surely Fat Bike at REI, $1,700

Fat bike rentals are starting to pop up at rental shops, but if you find an extra $1,500-$3,000 in your back pocket the next time you do laundry, you might be able to snag a ride to call your very own.  REI sells a 2013 Surly Pugsley Bike for $1,700.  You can read lots of Fat Bike discussion over in the MTBR forums here.

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