Hate Your Job? That’s Something to Love.

Stressed out about work?  Sick of the commute? Your boss? Your cubemate?  Your paycheck? Feel like what you do at work doesn’t make any meaningful difference in the world?  That’s awesome news.  Really. 

Hating your job isn’t the way it has to be, and wanting to love your job isn’t asking too much.  Though no job is perfect and the grass may always seem greener elsewhere–that is, wherever you’re not, especially during stressful times–hating your job is actually something to love.  It’s a gift.  Work dissatisfaction that bubbles up to the point of dislike, even hate, is a great motivator for change.  It can push you closer to your dream job or lifestyle. You may not know exactly where you want to go, but a frustrating or unfulfilled work existence can get you to pick up your feet and head in a new direction.  Talk about appreciation for your job.



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